A Dance in the Darkness

Come, join us for a Journey into the world of the unseen.

This Saturday, February 11, from 6-11pm at the WOW Hall, you are invited to spend an evening under the blindfold, dancing to a variety of tribal beats and ambient music.

An exploration of the reflective inner dance and as a gathering of community, this is an opportunity to participate in the sacred experience of the body in motion and in stillness, in breath, the mother of rhythm, and in the ancient dance spanning generations.

Doors open 6:00 pm. Please arrive early as the doors close at 7:10. Cost in $10-20 sliding scale at the door
Space is limited, so please reply if you are planning to attend.

Blindfolds will be provided but if you have a favorite feel free to bring it.
The best is something thin and stretchy that lightly touches your eyelids to keep your eyes from opening.

There will be a circle at the beginning for introducing the form and to answer questions.

Spotters are sighted dancers that circulate to help facilitate the dance,
providing a buffer between dancers of greatly varying energy levels
and occasionally guiding stray dancers back towards the middle of the room.


Suggestions for preparation
Bring layers of easy-to-move-in clothing that can easily be tied around the waist as folks often warm up and cool down over the course of the dance and having what you need with you means being self sufficient under the blindfold.

Drink water throughout the day but avoid eating within a couple of hours before the dance.
Spotters can offer assistance on or off the floor but do what you can to make your experience as uninterrupted as possible.

Play the day as quietly as you can, experimenting with non verbal forms if you must communicate with people. Solicit the consideration and creativity of those around you to support you in this.

We hope to see you there.