Guidelines for Children

Options for Children at Dance

It is our intention to create a dance space that is welcoming to all ages while honoring all parties involved. There are basically 2 options for kids at Coalessence:

1)  Dancing with us – yay!
This means, other than going to the bathroom or getting a drink of water (accompanied by parents unless they are capable of managing themselves in line with the Vet’s Club expectations), being in the dance space with us.  We ask you as parents to maintain some awareness of where your child is and to make it clear to them that this is their place to be, and to encourage them to be respectful of the container in the same ways we ask of all of us.

3)  Sitting quietly in the foyer.
This space is for those kids and adults that like to sit and read or carry on a quiet conversation.

Thank you for your understanding and participation!