About the Dance

Coalessence dances are containers in which we practice presence in the form of free-form expressive movement. We work together to co-create a non-judgmental, trauma informed space in which we dance to a wide range of music, structured in a sequence of varying rhythms and genres designed to facilitate a conscious journey. We support and practice consent culture here.

The Somatic Lab: led by various various artists, facilitators and teachers, 45 minutes, the lab is a space in time intended to inspire new ways of experiencing our dance and to share with each other our observations, inspirations and ways of learning. This time also serves to tune and prepare the environment for the upcoming dance.

The Warm-up Unguided, 30 minutes of music to tune our selves by
Opening Circle Acknowledgments, intention setting and co-creating the container
The Dance ~110 minutes of music and dance exploration.
Closing circle Sharing personal experiences of the dance followed by a round of names and community announcements

I used to think dance was something I did. Now I realize dance is something I am… we are.

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