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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Thank you so very much for the Blindfold dance. I forgot what it really meant to see… My grandmother was blind and she was a free spirit that I greatly loved. Somehow— in holding her in my heart and just.. somehow…I moved so deeply into the dance that I didn’t miss or need sight at all and when it came to an end I did not want to take off my blindfold. That said, I have no idea who it was that danced with me… whomevers it was.. and there were many there I know— I have not felt so gently held , so intuitively lead, or so kindly cared for than I felt tonight in longer than I can remember. I felt as safe and as loved as though I were in the arms and hands of someone I have known and trusted forever… and yet I have no idea who they were .. I had the thought that whomever it was– they must know me.. but then I was not sure of that either…… but for whomever it was and for all the others too.. I think Amber was one of the dancers at one point– (I recognized her laugh) but anyone else who led me through the starry labryinth of dance and soul and sheer perfect compassion and spiralling joy….. you have my gratitude. May the blessing and grace of this night folllow you always and in all ways.

  2. Hello Coalescence Dance Community!

    I just participated in my first estatic dance ever in Bend, Oregon, this last weekend, and I am craving more of that raw, authentic energy.

    Are drop-ins accepted, or is there are particular start date?

    Much love!

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