General Guidelines

To help us create a beautiful space together, please:

Bring your curiosity, openness, sense of adventure, and acceptance.  
The most important thing we can offer each other is a willingness to show up and be true, take risks and experiment in the way we move, and spare ourselves and others from judgments.

Please, no conversations on the dance floor. 
Using words to communicate an immediate need is always welcome. However, we dedicate the floor to movement, music, connection, the sound of feet slapping on the floor. This allows for the body to speak and be heard and for our minds to rest into the spaciousness of the moment. If you feel a conversation coming on, please invite the conversation to take place outside the main dance hall.

Cell Phones: Silence, but preferably set to airplane mode or turn off your your cell phone. No photos of video without permission from the facilitators.

Be clean.
We arrive with clean bodies and clothes, as some are sensitive to body odors. We also avoid chemical perfumes and deodorants, as some are sensitive to those. At the same time we understand that bodies sweat, and we welcome the inevitable scent that arises when people dance exuberantly together. Don’t light anything on fire in the venue (incense, smudges, etc.) Dancers use oxygen and lots of it; we like the air to be clean.

And be clean, Coalessence is a sober event.
Please don’t use alcohol, drugs, before or during the dance. We reserve the right to ask anyone leave if we feel they are impaired and being on the dance floor presents a physical or psychological hazard to themselves or others.

Be mindful of where your body is in relation to other bodies. 
There are sometimes lots of us. For your safety and others’ safety, maintain awareness especially when coming on and off the dance floor. Be particularly aware of small children, elders Participate in a climate and culture of consent. Dance and move with awareness.

Interact with small children in a helpful way.
Because small children have a harder time regulating their own talking, we are mindful when engaging them — we try to do so in a way that encourages movement and physical interaction, not words or conversation.

Treat your space with respect.
At the WOW Hall we are asked not to dance or play on or under the stage. Please exit the space in a timely manner and respect that there are often other events that follow us or we are the last and the venue staff wants to close up. Cultivating good relations with the folks that put so much love and care into the places we rent means we have a stable home. We may have other requests from time to time ~ but generally speaking, please use common sense and courtesy.

Please arrive and depart on time.
The warmups and cool downs are part of the dance. Conscious dances like Coalessence are envisioned as journeys and it’s great to have you there for the whole ride if possible.  Thanks for your support and…

~Thanks for dancing with us!~