General Guidelines

To create a beautiful space together, please bring your
curiosity, openness, and wonder

~ Here and Now ~
We can offer ourselves and each other our honest explorations; experimenting in the way we move and are moved, transforming our judgements into curiosities and practicing awareness, flexibility, resiliency and healing within the collective.

Participate holistically.
The Somatic Labs, Warmups and Cool-downs are part of the dance. Conscious dances like Coalessence are envisioned as journeys and it’s great to have you there for the whole ride if possible.

Participate in co-creating a continuous climate of consent. Dance and move with awareness of your own intentions and in support of everyone’s personal freedom.  Our solo dance, partner dancing, dancing in trios… groups… with a sense of the whole… are all welcome. Noticing how we are called to relate to ourselves and others, and how we learn to navigate well between these states is a great opportunity to cultivate and practice awareness on many levels. Within the communal dance container, honor the solo dance. Please, first and foremost, develop and nurture a healthy and creative solo dance experience. Being satisfied in ourselves allows us to participate in dances with others where we are not needing anything in particular form them, is key to creating a climate of consent and allowing for the spirit of the dance to flow freely. Seek to maintain continuous awareness, especially when entering into and exiting dance relationships and the overall dance space. Be particularly aware of small children, elders and dancers with unusual mobility. 

Coalessence is for all ages; interact with children in a helpful way
Because children regulate themselves in ways that are very different from adults,
we are mindful when engaging them, encouraging creative movement and interactions, speaking to them in body languages, minimizing words and conversation.

The Periphery: welcome stillness and reflection
When in the dance space but not actively on the dance floor, please feel free to rest, meditate, draw, write, care for others and witness the dance, open heartedly, with curiosity and respect.

Shifting verbal conversations to body language interactions
Using words to communicate an immediate need is always welcome and encouraged. If you feel a verbal conversation coming on, please invite it outside the main dance hall where you will not be overheard by dancers. We dedicate the floor to body languages, somatic connections, the sounds we make because we are moving. This allows for the body to be heard and for our thinking/linguistic minds to rest into the felt experience of the moment. 

Cell phones
Please help create a sensitive energetic environment by turning off or setting your phones to airplane mode or turning them off all-together; devices transmitting electromagnetic radiation have an influence.
No photos or video without permission from the facilitators and dancers.

Treat your space with respect.
At the WOW Hall we are asked not to venture into any areas occupied by any sound or lighting equipment. For children, this means not going under the sage as well. The windows are fragile so if you feel they need for opening or closing, please ask a facilitator. After the dance, please exit the space in a timely manner and respect that there are often other events that follow us or, at the vary least, the Wow staff would like to have the freedom to tend to, or close up the space. Cultivating good relations with the folks that put so much love and care into the places we rent helps us secure a stable home. We may have other requests from time to time ~ but generally speaking,
please use common sense and courtesy.

Be clean
We arrive with clean bodies and clothes, please wash your hands when you arrive and after using the bathroom. We also avoid chemical perfumes and deodorants, as some are sensitive to those. At the same time we understand that bodies sweat, and we welcome the inevitable scent that arises when humans dance together.
Don’t light anything on fire in the venue (incense, smudges, etc.)
Dancers love oxygen, and lots of it; we like the air to be clean.

And be clean, Coalessence is a sober event
Please don’t use alcohol, drugs, before or during the dance. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if we feel that by being on the dance floor they present a physical or psychological hazard to themselves or others.

 Thanks for your support and…

~ Thanks for dancing in community! ~