Coalessence Dance offers dynamic journeys, guided by diverse musical soundscapes ~ Sometimes edgy, sometimes easy, always heart-centered ~ created to inspire embodied explorations of self, other, community, flow states and healing transformations.

Coalessence Dance is inspired by the “ecstatic” or “conscious” dance traditions. We aim to serve a broad community of dancers, comprised of all ages, colors, orientations and abilities. 

~ rooting and evolving ~

We gather to explore the range of ourselves ~ in the company of others ~ free to choose: solo exploration, dancing with another, dancing in constellations or…

sensing wholeness ~

We welcome you to the dance floor to express yourselves, to honor the diversity of yourselves and others, and to participate in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere as we explore the mysteries of the ancient and current practice of dance.  Join us in this family-friendly event.

~ being well being~

Ongoing, Twice Weekly Dances
  • Sunday mornings at The Wow Hall, 10:00 ~ noon (doors open 9:50)
  • Tuesdays evenings at The Wow Hall,  6:00 ~ 8:30 (doors open 5:50)
    • See our Calendar for details, special events and any venue changes.
  • Admissions:
    • Sliding scale exchange of $8~12.
    • Elders over 60, Students with current ID & Youths 16~18, ½ price.
    • Accompanied youth under 16 are Free.
  • Work/trade available for door greeter and altar creator.
    • This is a greatly appreciated way to support and diversify Coalessence events.
      • You get 2 free dances for working 1 shift.
  • We offer scholarships. We want to support your dance. Please inquire at the door.