Coalessence Dance offers dynamic journeys, guided by diverse musical soundscapes ~ Sometimes edgy, sometimes easy, always heart-centered ~ created to inspire embodied explorations of self, other, community, flow states and healing transformations.

Coalessence Dance is inspired by a long history of “ecstatic dance” traditions. We aim to serve a broad community of dancers, comprised of all ages, colors, backgrounds, orientations and abilities. 

••• rooting and evolving •••

We gather to explore the range of ourselves ~ in the company of others ~ free to choose: solo exploration, dancing with another, dancing in constellations…

••• sensing wholeness •••

We welcome you to the dance floor to express yourselves, to honor the diversity of yourselves and others, to participate in creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere and embodying consent as we explore the mysteries of the ancient and current practices of dance.

••• being well-being •••

Ongoing, Twice Weekly Dances
  • Location and Times:
  • All regular dances are at The Wow Hall 291 W 8th Ave. Eugene Oregon
  • Tuesdays evenings: Doors open 5:00, Somatic Lab 5:15~6:00, Music 6:00~8:30.
  • Sunday mornings: Doors open 10:00, Somatic Lab 10:15~11:00, Music 11:00~1:30.
  • See our Calendar for details, special events and any venue changes.
  • Admissions:
    • Sliding scale exchange $12.50 Supporting, $15 Sustaining, $20 Evolving
    • ½ price for: Teens, Students w/ current enrollment card, Oregon Trail Card holders.
    • Accompanied youth under 12 are Free.
    • 10% of proceeds go to supporting social justice and arts organizations in the Eugene area
  • Work Trade
    • We really appreciate work traders! You help to support and diversify Coalessence events. You get 2 free dances for working 1 shift.