What is Coalessence?

   Coalessence Dance events are inspired by the “ecstatic” or “conscious” dance traditions. Rooted and ever evolving, we aim to serve within a broad community of dancers, comprised of all ages, sizes, colors, orientations and abilities.

   We gather to explore the range of ourselves ~ in the company of others, in movement and stillness ~ free to choose: solo exploration, dancing with another, dancing in constellations or sensing the whole.

   We welcome you to the dance floor to express yourselves, to honor the diversity of yourselves and others, and to participate in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere as we explore the mysteries of the ancient and current practice of dance.  Join us in this family-friendly event.

Our Mission

   Sometimes edgy, sometimes easy, always heart-centered, Coalessence dances offer dynamic dance journeys ~ guided by diverse music and soundscapes ~ that celebrate and inspire freedom, self inquiry, connection, and creative expression.

Twice Weekly Dances
  • Sundays, at The Wow Hall, 10 am ~ noon
Tuesdays, typically at The Wow Hall,  6 ~ 8:30 pm.
    • See our Calendar for details of upcoming events and any venue changes.
  • Sliding scale exchange of $8-12.
    • First time free!
    • Elders over 60 ½ price
    • 16~18 ½ price
    • Under 16, accompanied, free
  • Work/trade available for door greeter and altar creator.
    • This is a greatly appreciated way to support and diversify the events.
    • You get 2 free dances for working 1 shift.
  • We offer free scholarships. We want to support your dance. Inquire at the door.