Occupy Your Body – January 22nd at Noon

Calling all Believers in MOVEMENT! You are invited to participate in:

OCCUPY YOUR BODY: Awaken Your Heart A Global Dance Wave
January 22, 2012 12 NOON

The idea was inspired from Marianne Williamson’s visit to Maui
and her asking us how we can contribute….
Being dancers and spiritual seekers this what we came up with…

WE as Conscious Dancers would like to add our wisdom to the collective vision emerging from the OCCUPY Movement.

OCCUPY has a message of transformation, a message of a need for change.

WE as dancers and spiritual seekers know the pathway of personal transformation and it is time for us to apply our wisdom to assist in the state, national and global transformations needed.

We as dancers know the power of Embodiment. We know that when we are connected to our bodies, embodied, true transformation is possible. We know that when we connect the mind and the body and awaken the heart, we will be able to make the changes necessary.

We offer OCCUPY YOUR BODY as a prayer for this awakening and our global transformation. On Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 12 noon, Conscious Dancers will dance a wave of movement that will circle the globe. Together, we are

On January 22 (as close to 12 noon as possible), dancing communities whether they are 5Rhythms, Ecstatic, Conscious Dance, Soul Motion, Nia or any other kind of conscious movement, will gather and dance, holding this prayer of EMBODIMENT, each with our own particular flavor all with the same intention to allow the power of embodiment to be part of the global conversation in whatever way it can serve.

Movement is needed. LETS MOVE.

For more information and to post your participation, go to the FACEBOOK PAGE OCCUPY YOUR BODY: A Global Dance Wave or you can contact Amara directly at amara@amarapagano.com

There is a film being edited now by Jeff Wayman that will be available next week introducing OCCUPY YOUR BODY and inviting people to participate. There will also be a video made with footage submitted from the various communities that participate. Please post on Facebook your partipation and make sure to send a photo or any film you can take of your OCCUPY YOUR BODY prayer.