hArtspace Dance retreat, 9/11-13 2015

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Please join us for a weekend of Dance, Music, Healing, Workshops, Nature and Play at Sky Camp Lodge, East of Eugene on Fall Creek Lake.

Together we find and fuel community through collaborating, dancing, learning, playing and living.

Friday through Monday September 11-14
83930 Peninsula Rd.
Fall Creek OR 97438


Ecstatic Dances throughout the weekend,
Contact Improv Play & Skillshops, Dance Seen, Threshold Dance, Altar’d Vision, 
DJs & Presenters from the Coalessence Dance Community and beyond.
Live music from Deva Priyo with Shawn Murphy and friends.
Zegg-style Forum, Music, Drum & Song Circles, Live Art…

For detailed information please see our website:

to go direct to ticketing please visit:

hArtspace Spring 2015 Dance Retreat

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Please join us for a weekend of Togetherness, Dance, Music, Healing, Workshops, Nature and Play at Sky Camp, East of Eugene on Fall Creek Lake.

Together we create and deepen our community through working, playing and living together.

Friday Noon through Monday Noon April 17-20
83930 Peninsula Road, Fall Creek Oregon 97438

Tickets and more informaition available at: Brown Paper Tickets

See our Facebook page and invite your friends

September Dance Retreat

Fiery Dance Flyer Sept 2014_WebSeptember Dance Retreat 2014!!!

Please join us for a weekend of Togetherness, Dance, Healing, Workshops, Food, Nature, and Play at Sky Camp, East of Eugene Oregon on Fall Creek Lake. (See Below for more details and directions)
Together we create and deepen our community through working, playing and living together from Friday through Monday.
or at Coalessence dances in Eugene. More ticketing details below…
Offering include: Ecstatic Dances throughout the weekend, Contact Improv Play & Skillshops, Music, Drum & Song Circles Dance Seen, Kindred Spirits, AbunDance, Zegg-style Forum, Threshold, Altar’d Vision Live Art & More DJs & Presenters from the Coalessence Dance Community plus Bob Czimbal with Maggie Zadikov and Dj Muse. There will be opportunities for atendees to offer their talents and interests as well. If you are interested in offering one of YOUR gifts, please let us know!



Sky Camp, Friday noon April 18, 2014 through Monday noon April 21, 2014

Please join us for a weekend of Togetherness, Dance, Healing, Workshops, Food, Nature, and Play at Sky Camp.

Events start at 3:00 Friday so please arrive early so you can get yourself, your room, and your food set up.

Please join us for a weekend of Togetherness, Dance, Healing, Workshops, Food, Nature, and Play at Sky Camp and hosted by Hartspace Project and Coalessence Dance.

OFFERINGS INCLUDE:                                                                                               

Daily Ecstatic Dances facilitated by Oblio Stroyman, Zan Akerson, Paul Deering, Meghan Quinn and DJ Muse.

Contact Improv: a dance emphasizing deep listening where points of physical contact provide the starting point for creative exploration through movement improvisation.

Zeg Forum: An awareness and communication practice, an artistic way of personal sharing; a stage for whatever is happening inside ourselves.

Dance Seen: A compassionate container for dancers to be witnessed and supported in their creative expressions.

Altar’d Vision: An exploration into sensory perception through dance.

(See further below for detailed Schedule)


The Basics:

October 25th noon to 27th 4 pm

at Sky Camp, 83930 Peninsula Rd Fall Creek, OR 97438

Please join us for 3 nights and days of togetherness.
Dance, healing workshops, food, hikes, and relaxation
at beautiful Sky Camp.

DANCING AND WORKSHOPS are offered throughout all three days. Additional opportunities for offering workshops to the each other exist in the mornings and afternoon time slots (See Schedule below).
Sign up at the camp but plan ahead. Please come share your unique gifts!

Altar’d Vision Blindfolded Dance

Altar'd Vision 2012 04 Print_border_Image Only to csite

Come, join us on a journey into the world of the unseen.

Saturday, December 22, from 6-10:00 pm at the WOW Hall, you are invited to spend an evening under the blindfold, dancing to a variety of tribal beats and ambient music, and also sighted, engaging in a ritual to celebrate the solstice time and the entering into a new cycle.

The doors open at 6:00 and doors close at 7:00
Please arrive early as the event begins when doors open to receive you.

During the first hour there are opportunities to prepare for the event in some specific ways. In addition to the open floor for warming up there will be 4 altars, each offering a different focus to contemplate and interact with. During the ritual that follows the opening circle you will have an opportunity to reconnect with material gathered during that first hour and to participate in creating a foundation for the times to come. 
The ritual leeds into the dance.

As we gather in community to dance the 
journey inward under the blindfold, other worlds open.

Sacred experiences
Of the body,
In motion and in stillness

Of Breath, the mother of rhythm, 

Of the Mind, the seat of time,

And of the Heart, that which illuminates.



Admission is $15
Space is limited, so please let us know if you are planning to attend.

Please email us at this address: coalessenceeugene@gmail.com
This helps us keep track of numbers so that we know how to balance the ratio of blindfolded dancers to spotters.

Spotters are sighted dancers that circulate to help facilitate the dance, primarily providing a buffer between dancers of greatly varying energy levels and occasionally guiding stray dancers back towards the middle of the room.

Blindfolds will be provided but if you have a favorite, feel free to bring it. The best is something thin and stretchy that lightly touches your eyelids to keep your eyes from opening as you relax into the dance.

There will be an circle at the beginning for introducing the form and to answer questions.


Bring layers of easy-to-move-in clothing that can easily be tied around your waist as folks often warm up and cool down over the course of the dance. Having what you need with you means being self sufficient under the blindfold.

Drink water throughout the day but avoid eating a big meal within a couple of hours of the dance. Spotters can offer assistance on or off the floor if you need something but do what you can to make your experience as uninterrupted as possible.

Play the day as quietly as you can,
experimenting with non verbal forms of communication.
Solicit the consideration and creativity of those around you to support you in this.
Walk, ride, bus or carpool if you can.

We are looking for people to help us with spotting and admission is reduced to $8.00 in exchange. Spotting is a beautiful dance practice in and of itself and if you are interested, please sign up for a position using the work/trade link provided below. It is recommended that if you have not participated in a blindfolded dance before that you participate
as a blindfolded dancer before dancing as a spotter.
Ya know, just for the fun of it!

Hope to see you there,

Paul, Meghan, Amber, Julian, Solfia and a growing number of collaborators…

To sign up to be a possible spotter, go here:

Hello Dancers!

Here’s something a little different…

Rather than setting an intention around something,
how about sharing an intention around nothing.

Different than not having an intention, the invitation is to sense,
contemplate, dance, share, our experiences and observations around….

the void,
(or, Le Vide, as Yves Klein would put it).


Oh yes, there will be music, and plenty of it. but just as a little experiment, taking special notice of the spaces between the things that usually catch and hold our attention.

Paul, with Emily May as greeter, and Bryan Kircher on altar.

We come spinning out of nothingness
Scattering stars like dust.
The stars form a circle
And in the center we dance.